San Pietro Infine: Una Cittá Perduta
San Pietro Infine: The Forgotten City

GENRE: Documentary
LENGTH: 60 min
YEAR: 2021

SYNOPSIS: San Pietro Infine is a small town in the Province of Caserta which endured bitter fighting in December 1943. Untouched for 75 years, the gates to a forgotten city will be opened and the last living Italian-Canadian survivors will recount the significant battle of San Pietro Infine. With testimonials from back home in Canada and the exclusive access to this city already granted to our production team, San Pietro Infine: Una Cittá Perduta will be an important addition to TLN Media Group’s “I Remember” series which chronicles and captures the firsthand accounts of Italian-Canadians as children of war during WWII. Other projects in this series have included: Operazione Husky, Montecassino: L’Abbazia Indestruttibile and Ortona: La Stalingrado Canadese. 




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