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  • Italy - 2014 (8 episodes)After pouring everything they had into opening their first restaurants, chefs Craig Harding and Rob Rossi head to Italy for a rustic tour. An epic and adventurous trip exploring the various regions of Italian food culture and inspiration to take back with them to their home city. At each major destination, the chefs are going to cook and serve a special meal for a group of locals featuring their spin on regional popular dishes while using local ingredients sourced out earlier in the episode. The Rustic Tour also features stunning cinematography, showcasing Italy in all its glory, bringing the viewer closer to the experience.

    Argentina - 2015 (8 episodes)
    Join Chefs Rob and Craig in Argentina as they learn how to cook Curanto, make Patagonian chocolate, cook on a parrilla, sample a 'cow sequence', and explore the nightlife and cocktail culture from the Pampas to the peaks of the Andes.

    Canada - 2017 (8 episodes)
    The goal is to answer a simple question: ‘How do you define Canadian food?’. In a country as diverse as Canada, this will not be an easy answer, but instead will lead our chefs on a quest across their own country making stops in St. John’s, The Laurentians, Montreal, Toronto, Saskatoon, The Blue Mountains, Whitehorse and Vancouver to celebrate Canada’s food culture from coast to coast.

    Spain - 2019 (6 episodes)
    Spain has long been known as the mecca of tapas, wine, and ancient food culture, making this the ultimate destination for culinary inspiration. With some of the best food and wine in the world, both Rob and Craig cannot wait to explore its rich cultural history, as they seek to bring back cooking knowledge and new techniques to their successful new restaurants.

    Sicily - 2020 (6 episodes)
    Rob and Craig visit a seductive region of Italy that has been luring travelers for millennia. Ancient influences, whether Greek, Roman, or Phoenician, have left behind timeless recipes – from the simplest cannolo to the most exquisite fish couscous. Being the birthplace of Rob’s father, this season will bring his cooking career full-circle as he learns the age old secrets of his own blood.

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