Carmen La Hija Revolucionaria

Carmen La Hija Revolucionaria

Carmen The Revolutionary Daughter

  • This documentary spotlights one of Canada’s most successful Latinx artists. From writer to actor to activist, Carmen Aguirre is second generation Chilean-Canadian, and has an incredible story to tell, which she shared in her 2011 bestselling memoir "Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter."

    Six-year-old Carmen Aguirre fled to Canada with her family following General Augusto Pinochet’s violent 1973 coup in Chile. Five years later, when her mother and stepfather returned to South America as Chilean resistance members, Carmen and her sister went with them, quickly assuming double lives of their own. At 18, Carmen became a militant herself, plunging further into a world of terror, paranoia and euphoria. Today, Carmen lives in Vancouver and is a passionate advocate for social justice and community activism.
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