Il Confino: Una Storia mai conclusa

Internment: The Untold Stories

GENRE: Documentary
LENGTH:  48 min
LANGUAGE: Italian, English
YEAR: 2021

SYNOPSIS: On June 10, 1940, Canadian Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King declared Canada was at war with Italy. Almost immediately, 31,000 Italian-Canadians were officially designated enemy aliens. Of these, about 600 were cruelly taken from their homes and separated from their families. They were held in prisons and remote camps, most notably in Petawawa, Ontario. For many, these memories have been hidden for a multitude of reasons, predominately stemming from shame, fear, humiliation, and embarrassment. As this generation and their subsequent knowledge are beginning to pass on, family members have committed to archiving the experience of their elders addressing this topic for the first time ever, in order to share their stories. Our documentary uncovers the heartbreak and healing associated with a little-known chapter in Canadian history that has left a deep scar on the Italian-Canadian community.





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