6 x 30 minutes
  • Despite the age difference, kids and seniors have a lot in common. They’re two groups that march to the beat of their own drums, unfazed by the go-go pace of adulthood, able to live in the moment and just be.

    When children and elders are brought together there is humour, joy, and an appreciation for life – and in Junior/Senior, some joie de vivre isn’t the only aspect they’ll have in common! Every episode of the series will feature two people, separated by over half a century, becoming friends.

    Their ages will be different, but their favourite hobby will be the same!

    Over the course of three meetings, junior and senior will get to know each other while doing their favourite activity; whether it’s singing, cooking, dancing, crafts, etc. They’ll talk, laugh, have fun, get messy, and everything in between!

    Tears will be sprung from the humour and heart on display, as different generations are bonded in friendship. Both young, and old will come away from the experience with a positive generational outlook, a new perspective towards their passion, and a new friend!

    The show will be a vision of community, togetherness, and a world free of age-based stigmas. Young audiences will become more comfortable with the aging process, and will also be inspired to get active, to try something new, and to look for friends in unexpected places. Junior/Senior is about loving life, no matter your age!

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