Tiempo del Sur

Tiempo del Sur

Southern Time

1 x 60 minutes
  • As Maria Adelaida Escobar Trujillo guides us through the challenges the characters face in her first novel Tiempo del Sur, it is clear that each woman has a piece of her within them. Maria tells the stories of four generations of Hispanic women: Elena, Elisa, Titi, and Manuela, as they navigate their challenges. Newly widowed Elena is finding her voice after being silenced by her husband for decades. Her eldest daughter, Elisa, has been hiding her homosexuality but has met the love of her life in a woman named Laura. Elena's youngest daughter, Titi, cannot obtain refugee status in Canada and is forced to return to Colombia with her daughter, Manuela, who has only ever known her life as an illegal immigrant in the United States. While telling the stories of these women, Maria begins to uncover her own.
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