A unemployed photographer gets a job recreating three brothers' special childhood photo as a gift for their elderly mother.

  • David is an experienced and gifted photographer who has studied with some of the masters in the field. David’s composition is inspired, his lighting is sparse and natural, and he has spared no expense on his gear. David is also, for the most part, unemployed. Though landscapes are his passion, there are few outlets who pay regularly for his work. Just as he’s about to give up on his dream, David is hired by an acquaintance he doesn’t particularly get along with, to do so some “throwback” photography – in which adults go to great lengths and precise detail to flawlessly recreate their cherished childhood photographs. David’s Throwback business expands, and he hires a ragtag group of misfits to help him nab the perfect photo. He recruits Salma, a detail-oriented set designer who is responsible for sourcing all the physical elements needed to recreate that precise look from the selected photographs. And Bea, a 50-something homeless woman who is just looking to prove to everyone that she’s still got her wits about her, takes on the role of David’s assistant. This unlikely team soon becomes the go-to destination for recreating cherished family moments, but David wonders if he’s wasting his talent on feel-good memories instead of high art.

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