The Pharmacist

The Pharmacist

The Pharmacist

  • Halima recently graduated with honours as a pharmacist. Her parents are somewhat proud, since they were hoping she would become a doctor instead, even though she didn’t have the grades to get into med school. “We came all the way from Kabul so you could prescribe medicines, not package them. Halima loves her job though, and she appreciates the amazing connections she makes with her clients. Being a pharmacist is truly her calling.

    Halima gets hired by a struggling pharmacy located amid three immigrant communities: the Portuguese to the west, always in conflict with the Italians in the north, and the Czech community on the east side. Despite their differences, there are two things that these groups share: the catholic church and the pharmacy. Ken, the owner, has trouble communicating with his clients and is quite mean to them. Someone once wrongfully suggested he was a drug pusher, and business has been going downhill ever since. Ken needs someone who can navigate cultures and has the patience to help these communities and Halima seems to be the only right candidate.

    The episodes explore five storylines that evolve parallel to each other. As clients come in and out of the pharmacy, we see the insane situations that happen and the incredible ways in which Halima deals with them.

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