L’Eco dei Dialetti: Le Lingue della Cultura

L’Eco dei Dialetti: Le Lingue della Cultura

An Echo of Dialects: Languages of Culture

1 x 60 minutes
  • Pier Paolo Pasolini wrote: "The peasant who speaks his dialect is master of all his reality." Dialect, like any language, is a language system that serves to communicate. From this point of view, any of the Italian dialects is language in the same way as Italian and English. In addition to the subjective and identity value it takes on for each person, dialect also has an important role as a treasure chest that preserves the history, customs and values of the community that speaks it.  With first-hand testimonials and dramatic readings from first-, second-, and third-generation Italian Canadians, as well as insights from writer Gianna Patriarca, Professor Roberta Iannacito Provenzano, and PhD candidate Giovanna Lisena, this documentary will provide insight on the community through the lense of languages that were never officially taught, but never died.

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