• On a seemingly routine visit to an Emergency department to a local hospital, a young man is shuffled through various departments and experiences leading to a never-ending spiral of increasingly bizarre and nightmarish encounters mirroring “Dante’s Inferno”. This is no normal hospital.

    Episode 1: Normal is Just Another Pathology

    While celebrating his bestselling debut novel, author Dante Asserian is rushed to Bathory Hospital after suffering a drug related collapse. Abandoned in the ER by his girlfriend Gemma he meets Dorothy, an audacious artist who seems to have a connection to his past; and Virgil Kleist, a legendary author whose authority with the staff and interest in Dante alludes to a darkness underlying this eerie domain.

    Episode 2: The Other Guy Is a Literal Nobody

    Dante and Virgil get to know each other in the Area B waiting room discussing art and the trappings of fame, amongst a slew of peculiar patients who both surprise and challenge the venerable duo. Meanwhile, Dorothy goes on a quest to get her fix from Dr. Monty, and meets her muse, Dr. Miro Green.

    Episode 3: Nothing But A Mental Cyst

    Dante wakes up in a grimy STD clinic where he finds Virgil watching over him. The tension between them grows as Virgil hints at knowledge of Dante's past, including lies Dante has told about his own father. Dorothy gets high with Lionel the security guard, who informs her about Bathory's secrets and a subversive stranger named Bea. Dante and Dorothy reconnect and flirt, but Dante becomes suspicious when Dorothy reveals a taste for warping reality and the tension between them only escalates when Virgil re enters the scene.

    Episode 4: Where Is Dorothy?

    Back under the watchful eye of Virgil, Dante finds himself in opulent surroundings in the VIP ward. After being heavily drugged he is rescued by Dorothy and the two escape into the bowels of the hospital with the help of an unexpected ally, Bea. But Bea is more than she seems and Virgil uncovers evidence that exposes hidden truths about Dante's cloudy past.

    Episode 5: Scorch The Past

    A catatonic Dante and a defeated Dorothy find themselves trapped in the hospital's draconian psych ward. The two are joined by Dr. Monty, who proves to be something very different than his title would suggest. The three must confront a series of horrors inflicted upon them by a cruel system clearly not designed to assist in bettering the health of the patients entangled in it. Virgil continues to play mind games with Dante, pushing him to choose between his hero and his love.

    Episode 6: Fantasy Fills In the Gaps

    Forced to confront his past by Virgil, Dante struggles with his identity and reality. Meanwhile Dorothy and Monty are left searching a seemingly abandoned hospital, their reality now somehow hollow without Dante. After Virgil makes his case, Dante, Dorothy and Monty search for an escape from the hospital's haunted realm. But the escape itself is filled with obstacles and revelation.

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