Cosmica: Alla Ricerca dell’Aldila

Cosmica: Alla Ricerca dell’Aldila

Follow the trials and tribulations that Sabrina Mastroianni endured to come into herself and get in touch with a higher power.

1 x 60 minutes
  • As an Italian Canadian living in Quebec, Sabrina Mastroianni grew up like any kid. She laughed, played and got into innocent trouble. She had two loving parents who worked tirelessly to make sure she was never in want, and three siblings that loved her beyond belief. So, when she began making claims of seeing spirits and angels, her family thought she may have a dangerous imagination. Cultural conditioning caused this young girl to suppress her gifts and go with the flow. But as fate would have it, when divinity calls, you answer. This is one young woman’s journey as she breaks from traditional family norms to pursue higher consciousness, allowing her to heal people.

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