Cosmica: Alla Ricerca dell’Aldilà

Cosmica: Alla Ricerca dell’Aldilà

Cosmica: In Search of the Afterlife

  • In "Cosmica," we trace the transformative journey of Sabrina, a former legal professional from an Italian-Canadian background, as she grapples with her innate, otherworldly abilities. Bridging the chasm between the secular world and spiritual realms, Sabrina's powerful visions, suppressed in her youth due to cultural taboos, dramatically resurface during a family trip to Niagara Falls. As the cascading waters rumble, the veil between dimensions thins, presenting Sabrina with a poignant ancestral revelation. This supernatural encounter compels her towards the ancient art of Reiki, a healing modality that channels universal energy. As Sabrina ascends the ranks of the Canadian Reiki Association, she not only grapples with her profound transformation but becomes a beacon of hope and healing for others. This documentary delves deep into the intersection of tradition, spirituality, and personal destiny, demonstrating the vast potential that lies within us all.

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