The Hidden House

GENRE:  Drama
LENGTH:  1 x 45 min
LANGUAGE:  English
YEAR:  2021

SYNOPSIS: Personville teen residents, Ali, Diego, Mike, and Esta; are best friends who make short films in their spare time. The four of them enter an online contest called “My Home Town” which tasks competitors to make a documentary about their town and what makes it special.

Personville is a nice, quiet, small town, but all small towns have secrets. The four young filmmakers decide to do a movie about the “hidden house”. Everyone in Personville knows about the legend of the “Hidden House” in the woods.  Some say it’s a cult, others say a monster lives there, some think it’s some government conspiracy, but no one knows for sure. The children set out to interview the townsfolk to get to the bottom of the mystery.

In the end, the children win the competition with their exposé of one of the town’s elite families and the Hidden House. They become viral sensations and decide to continue using filmmaking to expose other “secrets” in other towns.



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