Do Beco para o Mundo com Clandestinos Art
From the Alley to the World with Clandestinos Art

GENRE: Documentary

LENGTH: 60 min

LANGUAGE: Portuguese | Portuguese with English subtitles



YEAR: 2023

SYNOPSIS: Driving around the city, we see a growing number of art murals throughout many Toronto neighborhoods, and some pieces make us stop and wonder who is behind these creative, colourful, and stunning pieces of art. Who are they inspired by? And what is the message they are trying to convey through their work? Clandestinos Art is an award-winning duo who have gained international recognition with their unique artistic approach, techniques, and distinct subject matter. Their murals are currently on display in cities all over Canada and the globe. In this special Portuguese language documentary project, we will meet the dynamic couple behind Clandestinos Art, individually known as Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack, and explore how their street art captures the stories of our communities.

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