Tendenza: La Modernizzazione dell’ industria tessile Italo-Canadese

Tendenza: La Modernizzazione dell’ industria tessile Italo-Canadese

An exploration of the Canadian textile world through the eyes of some of Canada’s most notable Italian designers who immigrated to Canada during the 1950s and '60s in search of new opportunities.

  • This award-winning documentary delves into the private world of three of Canada’s most successful textile business leaders: denim mogul, Salvatore Parasuco; internationally-renowned shirt maker, Carmine Lauro; and suit maker, Denis Limosani of Bosco Uomo.
    Now, well into the retirement stages of their lives with their successful foundations firmly established, poses the question of what is next for them. Their children are not all that interested in following in the family business, forcing them to consider selling their empires to foreign business leaders. Through in-depth interviews, viewers will be provided with the rare opportunity to learn more about these creative pioneers’ lives, and how they overcame countless obstacles and hardships on their path to success; as well as exploring how they are tirelessly working to preserve their legacies under the looming threat of globalization.

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