Quick Dish

Quick Dish

Having been ex-communicated from the restaurant industry, Chef Conrad Carson is forced to accept a position as host of a cooking show centered around an unlikely appliance… the Microwave.

60 minutes
  • After an embarrassing dispute with the city’s Mayor is filmed and leaked online, superstar chef Conrad Carson is relieved of his duties at the famed restaurant Truffaux. As the viral video continues to spread, Conrad not only finds himself ex-communicated from his prestigious social circles, but also unemployable. No one in the restaurant industry will touch him and his toxic reputation with a ten-foot wooden spoon. Faced with no other options, Conrad is forced to accept a position he considers beneath his culinary skills: hosting a television cooking show called Quick Dish, where he will prepare dishes with an unlikely appliance…the Microwave. Conrad must choose between deliberately sinking the show, or accepting this unexpected slice of humble pie as an opportunity to gain a new appreciation for the profession he loves so dearly…and perhaps become a better person in the process.

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