Ortona: La Stalingrado Canadese

Ortona: La Stalingrado Canadese

  • This special documentary project is part of TLN’s “I remember” series intended to collect the still vivid memories of a generation of now older Italian Canadians, who witnessed first-hand the savagery of war and sacrifice. The first of this series from this same director is titled: MonteCassino: The Indestructible Abbey.
    In this series, the last living Italian-Canadian survivors recount the Battle of Ortona, one of the most important military operations of WWII, that took place between December 20th to 28th in 1943. The battle was so intense and brutal, that war correspondents nicknamed Ortona “Italian Stalingrad,” or “Little Stalingrad” because the fighting was identical to the chaos that unfolded in the Russian city.

    Today, only a handful of civilians, migrants, and veterans are left to give their testimonial of what they witnessed. This is their story.

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