Mangia Quebec

Mangia Quebec

Embark on a delicious six part food journey focusing on Québec’s Italian chefs and their specialties.

  • Mangia Québec is a six-part documentary series that explores multiculturalism in Québec through the lens of the province’s diverse culinary traditions. Season One focuses on Québec’s Italian communities and is a food journey about Italian chefs and their specialties.
    Montreal restaurateur Michele Forgione travels to six communities across the province, meeting and interviewing Italian Canadians on century-old farms, in family-owned restaurants, and everywhere in between. Each character he meets tells the story of their family’s history in Québec – from new immigrants to established, generational lines of Quebecers.
    Through these stories, Mangia Québec unpacks the history of the province, the political events that shaped the trajectories of our subjects’ lives, and the resonances present in contemporary immigration debates.
    While relishing the influence of Italian cooking on Québécoise cuisine, Mangia Québec esposes the larger cultural contributions Italian and other immigrant groups have made to the province.
    The series showcases the diverse voices of the Quebecers who generously share their stories and their dinner tables with Michele while providing a deeper appreciation of Québec’s diverse cultural heritage and the delicious fruits of culinary cross-pollination. Episodes feature: Montréal, Québec City, Gaspésie, The Laurentians, Outaouais Region, and Eastern Townships.
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