Italiani dimenticati: La comunita’ Giuliano-Dalmata in Canada

Italiani dimenticati: La comunita’ Giuliano-Dalmata in Canada

This is the story of Italian-Canadians originally from Istria, Dalmatia, and Fiume/Rijeka, all territories that are no longer part of Italy. They are the ‘Forgotten Italians’.

60 minutes
  • Italiani Dimenicati: la comunità Giuliano-dalmata in Canada tells the remarkable story of the harrowing cross-continental journey of hundreds of thousands of Italian citizens, who were forced to flee their homes in Northeastern Italy after the area was annexed to Yugoslavia after World War 2.

    Facing ethnic cleansing, and the threat of summary execution at the hands of Yugoslav partisan forces in their own hometowns, this huge group of Italians from the Istrian Peninsula, Fiume, and the Dalmatian Coast were forced into a mass exodus to save their lives and preserve their culture.

    Most of the refugees – who came to be known as the Giuliano-Dalmato (or Julian Dalmatian in English) – crossed the border into Italy proper, where they were scattered in camps across the country, from Trieste near the border, to random outposts in faraway Corsica. From the refugee camps, they made the long journey by ship to the new world in the resettling in The United States, Argentina, Chile, and in large numbers, Canada, mainly in Toronto and Southwestern Ontario, where they embarked on their new lives in a new land.

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