Dominique Corti: Un Cammino per la Vita

Dominique Corti: Un Cammino per la Vita

Dominique Corti: A Life's Journey

  • Platinum REMI award-winning documentary Dominique Corti: A Life’s Journey is an inspirational story that brings us to Canada, Italy, and Uganda. Embark on a journey with an incredible family who have dedicated their lives to humanitarian efforts and helping those in need of a hospital in Uganda. International health care advocate, Dr. Dominique Corti is the daughter of one of Canada’s first female surgeons, Lucille Teasdale and Italian pediatrician, Piero Corti, both founders of the Lacor Hospital in Uganda. Follow the journey of Dominique Corti’s struggle at a young age to understand her parent’s selflessness and bond to treat those in need. This same bond now connects Dominque to the Lacor hospital as she works tirelessly to keep her parents’ legacy alive and to ensure health care access to one of the poorest areas in the world.

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