Casa Dolce Casa

Casa Dolce Casa

Home Sweet Home

46 minutes
  • The documentary examines multiple influences that shape design concepts and how they affect how we build dwellings and live in them, including a perfect cold cellar (a cantina) for homemade wine. A look inside the home of well known Italian-Canadian developers explores how family and cultural heritage has influenced their building projects and family home. A discussion of how materials and concepts in the home are taken from different influences both Italian and non-Italian. A second segment brings us into the basement of an Italian immigrant worker who has built the perfect cold cellar for his home-made wine. He reviews the materials used to build the cellar and he also sheds some light on the making of his wine. A third segment features an interview with Italian Canadian interior designers such as Giannone Associates and Cecconi Simone and their work in Canada. The principals take us through one of the projects and discuss the design concepts and decisions as they relate to their own experiences.

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