The Pharmacist 

GENRE: Drama
LENGTH: 1×30 min
YEAR: 2022

SYNOPSIS: Reeva recently graduated with honours as a pharmacist. Her parents are proud… well somewhat proud, as they would have preferred, she became a doctor. “We came all-the-way from Kabul so you could PRESCRIBE medicines, not package them!” But Reeva loves her job and the amazing connection she has to her clients. It is her calling. Well, that and she didn’t have the grades to get into Med School.

Reeva gets hired by a struggling pharmacy located amid three immigrant communities. To the west, the Portuguese have been around for decades, always in conflict with the Italian in the north. And the east is now home to a vast Filipino community. There are two things that these groups share: the catholic church and the pharmacy. Ken, the owner, has trouble communicating with his clients and is quite mean to them. A few years back, someone suggested that Ken is a drug pusher. Even though he continually tells his clientele, he is NOT a dealer; things have been going downhill for years. Ken needs someone who can navigate cultures and has the patience to help these communities. Reeva seems to be the right – the only -candidate.

The half-hour TV show follows 5 storylines that evolve parallel to each other. As clients come in and out of the pharmacy, we see the insane situations that happen and the incredible ways in which Reeva deals with them. The TV experience introduces audiences to the rich and diverse universe of The Pharmacy.

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