Mr. S: La Scienza di Alessandro Volta

Mr. S and the Science of Flight

GENRE: Documentary
LENGTH: 60 min
YEAR:  2021

SYNOPSIS: Mister S is a passionate science and technology elementary school teacher of Italian descent who fills his free time encouraging young students to explore the world of science in all its wonder.In previous episodes, Mister S travelled to Italy where he inspired young viewers to learn about the famous inventor, Guglielmo Marconi, and the history of modern communications. Then, Mister S travelled to Atlantic Canada where he explored the science of navigation through the travels of Giovanni Caboto, the first European to set foot in North America in 1497.  And next, he was off to Vinci to learn all about the great master inventor Leonardo and his amazing flying machines. Now in this fourth episode, Mr. S is at it again. This time he breaks down the incredible science of making electricity from chemical sources.  Mister S is set to take his young audiences on an exciting and electrifying adventure to learn all about the science of Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the electric battery.



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