Invisible Voices II – A Spotlight on Italian Canadian Women Writers  

GENRE: Documentary
LENGTH: 60 min
YEAR:  2021


SYNOPSIS: Invisible Voices II: A Spotlight on Italian Canadian Women Writers takes an in-depth critical view of the authors, their work, and their community, to present an unbiased, honest examination of our cultural and societal bias when it comes to Italian women writers in Canada.  In our efforts to pitch the project to our community of Italian Canadian women writers, we have been overwhelmed by the response.  To date, ten writers have agreed to participate in this special documentary project. This positive response demonstrates a desperate need for these writers to tell their own stories, expose the politics behind their prose, and finally address the elephant in the proverbial sitting room- as to how their work has been received and why have they remained largely ‘invisible’ despite the body of literature they have contributed to Canada.


Equally, it will be important for all Italian Canadians to hear these stories in order for future generations to have a keen understanding of the value and importance of Italian Canadian women writers and their prolific works. As one writer put it, “As a non-traditional person, “invisible” is a frequent experience, especially within Italo-Canadian community.” We hope this documentary project will change this experience.


Since we could not include all of them in one documentary, this is the second installment of this three-part documentary project. In the first installment, Invisible Voices: A Spotlight on Italian Canadian women, we have heard from Gianna Patriarca, Bruna Di Giuseppe-Bertoni, Eufemia Fantetti, and Monica Meneghetti. In this next installment, we will interview Licia Canton from Quebec, Caterina Edwards LoVerso from Alberta, Gina Valle from Ontario, and Genni Gunn from British Columbia.



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