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TMG Worldwide Media Distribution Inc.

TMG Worldwide Media Distribution Inc. represents hundreds of episodes of unique and culturally significant multilingual programming that is made in Canada and produced by, or with the participation of TLN Media Group. This catalogue includes a variety of genres, with a particular focus on documentary features, lifestyle series, and children’s content.

We take great pride in our long tradition of producing unique, top-quality, multicultural programs that showcase and connect communities with the passions that make their cultures unique.

TLN Media Group 

TLN Media Group (TMG) is Canada’s most influential multicultural media company, connecting cultures on television, online, and in communities through storytelling and shared experiences.

A leader in supporting and developing Canadian multiculturalism, TMG produces, commissions, and distributes many unique and culturally significant TV and digital programs each year on various platforms in Canada and internationally, and is also active in producing and promoting experiential events and festivals.

Reaching millions of Canadians across the country, TMG’s flagship channel, TLN TV, has been on air since 1984 and has evolved into an English friendly multiculturally rich TV channel. TMG also operates Canada’s most widely distributed foreign language TV channels; in Spanish with Univision Canada, and Italian with Mediaset Italia.
The full family of channels includes Teleniños, Cinelatino, Wapa TV, Television Dominicana, and CentroAmerica TV, in Spanish; Telebimbi and TGCOM24 news in Italian; and EuroWorld Sport.

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